Setting off…

It is not always easy to tread in unfamiliar territories. Just like this New Year 2018 that has never been seen or experienced. This is where the rubber meets the road. There is usually an initial rush of fear mixed with hope that things will go our way buoyed by childlike faith. As the year progresses, we are daily excited by stories of ancestors who made it big maybe after many attempts or who stuttered but did not fail or who fell and got up to productive excellence. While the stories of the vast majority who gave up or tried as they could but did not succeed are waved away as not being our lot.

There will be hills to climb, valleys to fill, oceans to swim and deserts to cross. Whatever it is, never give in to your fears, and refuse to quit. Stay on course. You may break a sweat but soak the perspiration therein. Let your imagination run wild. Find expression. Tame indiscipline. Let go frivolities. Absorb tremors. Trust your instincts. Feed your guts. You never know wherein the lies. Aspirations would be high, there would be times of fun and laughter from success and celebration from good success. There may also come times not so good or outrightly discouraging having put in your all leading to sighs, escape of tears, crying, weeping and even yelling.

These remind us of being human and no one being infallible.

These times will come. Appreciate the victories and accept the failures as lessons to be learned as you eventually become superlative.

But in all, if you remain focused on your dream and give it your very best the good times will far outnumber the bad times and every effort worth your while.

Ignore the naysayers. Stick with the encouragers. It is a difficult world so appreciate help that contributes to your success and every lesson that a setback brings.

To a flying and steady start.

Keep dreaming. Keep pushing. Keep believing.

It won’t be long.

Happy New year!

Contributed by; Dr. Stanley Ehiarimwian.