Suicide and Death aren’t the same.

In my own words, Suicide is the intentional killing of oneself as a kind of action or social phenomena out of great desperation and shattered hopes while Death is defined as the cessation of life and all associated processes. It can also be said to be a total end of something. A lot of people when being asked if they are fine, their replies are mostly “Yes, I am” but in reality, they aren’t.

Lately, I’ve been hearing she took sniper, He took sniper, He/she took poison. My dear reader, that is not the way forward. Talk to someone today! One time or stage in our lives, the panic of growing older will set in. As we grow older, we tend to put ourselves under unnecessary pressure. Thoughts of you believing the world is expecting something from you. Hello sis/bro, you don’t owe anybody anything, you owe yourself. I know it can’t be easy! At times, you will feel like quitting, that thought that everything around you and all that you are doing is a scam! But dear, you are who you are and the best version of yourself and what you can be. In life, people don’t make noise about success, they make a crazy noise about failures. And get this known that if you haven’t failed, you haven’t tried anything new.

Depression is just a thief of joy. Many of these depressed people are the most beautiful girls…Girls you can’t walk up to, which makes me realise that beauty, sometimes is a curse. We automatically assume they are okay when in reality they aren’t. Even their male besties want to lay with them. They are always at the receiving end. Most guys too are facing the problem of peer influence generally. Media basically, You want to have much money like that guy on Instagram, You want to share hoe story like that guy on twitter, you want to beat your guys in smoking competition, You want to be popular at all cost, You want to have the highest likes on Facebook and so, you became depressed thinking your life isn’t good compared to others, My brother, it ain’t worth it.

Verbal abuse contributes to the increasing rate of depression and suicide. We now live in a world where an 18-year-old girl is glorified having aborted 3 pregnancies and a 19-year-old old girl mocked and despised for getting an unwanted pregnancy. Know that at one point in your life, you might not get things right but my dear, please and please keep pushing. The best is on the way, all you need is to put in more effort. You’re the best of who you are and what you can be. One day, you will smile at victory to the world. Please share your problems, a problem shared is a problem half-solved. Suicide isn’t an option!!

Being young has become so hard, messed up relationships, being broke and jobless, lack of opportunities, rejections, and harsh judgements but all the same, the rope is not the solution. Stay strong, keep fighting. She’s friendless, He feels dejected, sorrow-filled her mind. All hopes are gone! Now, she wants to DIE. Suicide isn’t an option!! It’s never meant to be easy, you know where you came from and where you are heading to. Challenges are just meant to distract you. It’s all left to you to keep the vision clean and clear. Embrace the struggle. On your journey towards your goals, you’re going to be presented with challenge after challenge. There will be times you will feel you don’t have enough or that you can’t figure things out. You will feel like it’s too much to handle, and you’ll be tempted to quit. please “DON’T QUIT”.

When things are the hardest, that’s where real progress is made. When things get hard, that’s when you’re about to experience a breakthrough. Keep going. People you’ve known seemingly forever may claim to have a love for you, but when gossip’s tainted tongue whips you, they don’t show enough love to weigh your history against false witness. Be that it may, press forward as the dust settles. Your purpose is much bigger than its paltriness. God loves you more. God is good. He got big plans for your life.

Before you commit suicide, remember your parents who nurtured you to where you are today. Remember those who see you as a role model. Remember the societal stone you will leave unturned. What will be the faith of your parents? That placed all hopes on you to achieve what they failed to achieve in life. Imagine, all you could repay them with is a cheap death? Do you think you can rest well? Hell NO!! They will be mocked cause of your selfish decision. They will be lonely amid millions of people. Can you see your cheap death will bring nothing but disaster?

And lastly, God will reject your soul and you will be tagged as a murderer! Don’t you see that life is beautiful? You don’t want to ride Benz? Or you think a dead person can enjoy the luxury of life? Oh, you want to be celebrated without challenges? Hell NO!! It doesn’t work that way. Challenges will come. Yes, then face your fear, if you can’t face it alone, then pray to God about it. Have you ever starved for a whole week?

Have you ever skipped meals and ate once a day instead of thrice because you don’t have what to eat? Have you ever been in a mess because of financial constraints? Try it, you will never think of committing suicide but rather keep hoping for the best to come!

But wait, you want to commit suicide because the lady broke up with you? Who told you if she eventually marries you, she won’t bring you calamities? Suicide is an option for a hopeless like you!! Remember, if you commit suicide, people will mock your parents for raising a weak child. Do you want that? Then why? Oh…Fate? and you accept that so easily? Even God said, reject whatsoever you don’t like.

Dear Reader, Suicide is not an option! You know what? Take a walk around the street and see the homeless that are very far below you. It’s during our darkest moments we must focus to see the light, Suicide is never an option to run away from your fears. Never give up, even if the journey becomes unfavourable, speak to someone today! Don’t let your fears overpower you. Live well and Live right!

Article by: Arowora Fausat O.