People are always asking “How can I be happy?”

But really is that the right question to ask? I believe it will be much better if you ask “why am I sad?” by knowing why you are sad can help you find your lost happiness.

One thing for sure, happiness is always within us, everyone has happiness in them.

However, we often let sadness overshadows our happiness and for us to get our happiness back we need to know “WHY WE ARE SAD”.

For you to know where you are going or want to go you first have to know where you have been. So, look around you, the people, and places, things that make you sad and get them off your life. They say you cannot choose your family but sure you can choose your friends, the people you hang around with, the people you seek advice from, and most of all the people and things you believe in.

Try to get rid of toxic people in your life, never ever spend time with energy vampires, they will suck the good out of you and leave you with bitterness.

Know your circle and know the people you spend time with, give your life a positive balance by spending 30%/40% of your time with people that want to learn from you and spend 60%/70% with people you want to learn from. Stop spending time with people or in places that do not worth your time.

Spend time and Learn from people that will do you good! People that will help you grow, help pushes you to go forward, people that tell you “oh yes you can” even when you believe you can’t, people that help you believe you can do, have and become anything in life.

Know the type of people you call mentors/leaders.

Never be a follower of someone that never supports you to become a leader someday.

A leader is someone that takes their followers in the right direction.

Someone that is willing to listen to you and help you learn by giving you positive advice.

A leader is someone that never make their followers feel inferior or act as if they are superior to their followers.

A leader is someone that is smart but don’t use that as an advantage to stupid people.

Someone who is willing to give their life for you, because they know their purpose in life is never about themselves but the people they are leading.

A Leader is not someone that tells you to do this and that without giving you a clear blueprint how to do it.

A leader is someone that always check on you to know how you are doing when they give you a task to do or is willing to guide you again and again and again until they see you can do better.

Don’t listen to a mentor that tells you “oh you are doing wonderful, you are great” when you know within yourself you are not. Sometimes they only tell you that just because they don’t want to spend time with you and they are not willing to help you grow, so the best thing they could do is to make you feel that you have all the help you need and you are doing just fine, but the truth is you are not.

Don’t listen to a mentor that just tells you “you can be great, you can be successful, and you can be a leader” however they never ever show/guide you how to be great, successful or be a leader. These are not mentors they are procrastinators.

A mentor is someone that lights the fire in you, then helps you raise up your standards and help push your drive to the next level.

A mentor knows what to say to you and when to say it.

A mentor should be able to know where you are going and should be able to guide you in your journey.

It is better to take advice from someone with experience than someone with just a knowledge.

A mentor with experience will speak to you with passion, because they don’t just know what they are saying but they have been there before you so they know how to guide you.

It is better to listen to an entrepreneur with a successful business than to listen to someone that have MBA with no Business at all.

Learning from someone that has the experience in what they are telling you, will lead you to the right one direction.

Mentors, Leaders or Friends.

They are not who they say they are to you if they don’t make/spend time with you. If they have no time for you it simply means “you are not important in their lives” so get them out of your life. It is better to be alone than to be with the wrong people.

If they tell you, you aren’t good enough, get them out. If they say you have reached your limit and you can’t go any further, get them out. If they tell you, you are the best, you are number one, you are the most successful but you don’t feel that way! Please get them out of your life, they are only saying those things because they what something from you.

It is better to listen to your true enemy than your fake friend. A lot of people don’t know this; however, your enemy is the best person to learn from because they are the best people to tell you your weakness, they tell you what you are lack of, the areas you need to improve in.

Always invite positive energy into your life and get the negative ones out of your life.

Sometimes we don’t need to learn new things to be better, we just need to forget about some old things that are stopping us from moving forward.

Again; you don’t need anyone or anything to make your life great. True greatness can only be found within yourself.

Article by: Bashiru Mansaray