Everything we can see today with our physical eyes started as intangibles (ideas, thoughts, imaginations) in someone’s mind. The skyscrapers we see all around us, the beautiful cars on our roads, the designer clothes we wear on our back, our shoes, the air conditioner, the TVs; in fact, all the things we enjoy today (whether it’s a product or a service) that makes life more convenient for us all started as an impulse of thought (intangibles) in someone or some people’s minds.
Therefore, in order to create tangibles things in their physical form, we’ve got to start with some ideas and imagination. These ideas must become so powerful in our mind and our consciousness that they are so real to us even before they manifest and become tangible. An imagination that is extremely strong, you can actually see it.

These 3 steps will help make those ideas tangibles;

1. See all of the Possibilities.
One major reason why seminar, sermons, song lyrics and testimonials of others are so important is that they give us an idea of what’s possible, to help us imagine and see potentials. They help us to see beyond whatever limitations we might have consciously or unconsciously placed on our self. Remember, the only limitations we have are the ones we place on ourselves.

2. Absolutely believe that what we are imagining is possible.
Whatever it is that we are dreaming of achieving, there must have been some people who had excelled and are still excelling in that area or sphere. Their testimonials about how they were able to achieve things that were previously thought to be impossible goes a long way in aiding our own self believe too. Testimonials, such as ‘’ If I can do it, you can do it’’, ‘’If I can turn it around, you can turn it all around’’, or ‘’If I can change, you can change’’ inspires us and reinforces our belief and cause us to start feeling confident about our own abilities as well. All we need to do is find out these people and give ourselves to learning and studying how they were able to get to the top and succeed. We may not be able to meet them personally, but we can lay our hands on their books, attend their seminars, etc just to glean from their wealth of knowledge. Our own testimonials can also help us in this regard, if we look back at how far we’ve come and some things and challenges we’ve been able to overcome, this also should give us the needed impetus to move from doubt to belief because if we did it once, we can do it again, if it happened for us before, it could very well happen for us again. These personal testimonials will certainly go a long way in reinforcing our belief.
So those two things; the testimonials of others and our own testimonials together are extremely powerful in developing strong faith and belief in accomplishing any feat. When we get to this stage where we have developed absolute believe that what we imagine is possible, we have passed the biggest test yet in turning the intangibles into tangibles.

3. Working it Out.
This is the most important part as it is the step where the actual translation of intangibles into tangibles takes place. We now need to go to work to make that idea, thoughts, imagination into its physical form, to make it a movement. We convert our ideas, dreams, and imagination into tangibles through work. We breathe life into it and then we construct (work) it. Nothing works until we work it. If the people with great ideas and inventions that we enjoy today never went to work to bring their ideas, thoughts, and imagination into reality, where would we be today?
We, humans, are blessed with such a unique and powerful ability to partake in the process of creation. This power is inherent in you. Put it to work and start the recreation process today. You will succeed.

Article submitted by Timilehin Abodunrin