1. “The wealth of a man or a woman is judged by what they are willing to let go of.”

  2. “Success in anything begins with elevating your thinking. You can’t create what you are not thinking about.”

  3. “To overcome adversity, what we think and believe is everything.”

  4. “Failure is how we learn, adapt and toughen up so we can get to the point where we can succeed.”

  5. “What kills our chances of success is not lack of opportunity, or lack of resources, but our own attitude toward personal development.”

  6. “Success is not an exception, neither is it the exclusive domain of a privileged few, it is an open field of play for all who are willing to spend the time to grow.”

  7. “It does not matter whether you come from a rich or poor home. We develop skill. It is not gifted to us. And any man or woman can choose to be better at their work.”

  8. “Your income will always rise or fall to your level of development.”

  9. “A well-honed skill and a powerful mind is at a premium in Africa; you must continually develop yourself to earn that premium.”

  10. “Action is the visible architecture of achieving success in any endeavor of life.”

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