Leadership – A growing concern in Africa

We met with the founder of Gold Minds Leaders Initiative – Olowoyeye Adebukola. Who spoke on the issue of leadership in Africa and how mental re-engineering is important in the lives of today’s youth if they must become good and effective leaders of tomorrow in Africa.

Gold Minds Leaders Initiative is on the crusade to teach young Africans what they don’t teach them in the circular syllabus which is; Courage, Anger Management, Character formation and office ethics.

Olowoyeye Adebukola also said if we all do our bit in nation building, in less than a year – Africa will be great again. It is time to bring these great minds back home, it is time for each and every one of us come together in terms of nation-building and building Africa as a continent is a collective responsibility.

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Ayokunle Olubolade is making a difference in Africa’s Education

We met with the Chairman, Board of Trustees of Foundation For Adequate Education – Ayokunle Olubolade who is also a Public Relations, Communication, and Media specialist.

In this interview, he shared some great insight into the educational system in Africa and what the next level of learning is. Which are; Educational Technology, Mobile learning, and Edutainment.

Ayokunle Olubolade believes that education is the key to building a great nation and he is committed as well as dedicated towards the development of  Africa‘s educational sector.

In the words of Nelson Mandela; “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”



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Meet Tobi Eyinade, the young lady with a vision to make books the new ‘cool’

Meet Tobi Eyinade, an exceptional and intelligent young lady with a vision to make books the new ‘cool’

Tobi is co-founder of Roving Heights, an online book distribution company.

In this interview, she tells the story of how she started Roving Heights and how the brand has grown in a few years. She also sheds light on the reading culture in Africa and what Roving Heights is doing to improve the reading culture.

Watch the video below to learn more about Roving Heights.




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Interview with Campus Torch Magazine

Meet Taiwo and Kehinde Ogunde – founders of Campus Torch Magazine.

This energetic set of twins using media and journalism to empower and influence youths in Africa positively.

They publish a magazine that reaches over 30 universities in Nigeria and Africa. They also organise campus tours to motivate students in various universities across Nigeria.

In this interview with Kehinde Ogunde, one of the co-founders of Campus Torch Magazine, he sheds more light on magazine and the campus tours.

This interview will inspire you to do more for youths in your community.



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Meet Anu Adelakun, Founder of Girl Unlimited Foundation

AnuOluwapo Adelakun is a passionate Gender Advocate, Journalist and Storyteller. With over 8 years experience working on issues affecting marginalized girls and women in Nigeria, she is resilient about improving the plight of the same. She has led several community-based development programs in this regard while grooming and mentoring girl leaders across the globe.

Adelakun is dedicated to empowering, and creating opportunities for girls and women in rural and undeserved communities.

In her words,’ start where you are, don’t wait for anyone to motivate you as you may never get such motivation’.

There is just so much to learn from this exceptional young lady.

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