Be The Change Cameroon

Congratulations to our Ambassador in Cameroon – Fongwen Eric Timah.

Fongwen Eric Timah organized #BeTheChange event in Coron Mvog Mbi, a quarter in the capital city of Cameroon – in conjunction with Eagle Rock Foundation which took place on, Saturday, March 10, 2018.
Young people between the age of 14 -24 and more attended the event, most of whom where undergraduate, postgraduate, and few secondary school students.

CEO and Founder Eagle Rock Foundation – Nzokwe Janet, highlighted on the objectives of the foundation which is to nurture and empower the underprivileged and vulnerable populations, especially in the rural areas of Cameroon.

Our ambassador Fongwen Eric Timah, educated the participants on the vision and mission of Motivating Africa. He further explained the key concepts of #BeTheChange (Who Am I, Thinking, Personal Growth, Goals, Time, Mindset and Just Start & Persist) explaining how life is like a ladder that must be climbed one step at a time. He shared his life experiences of how he went through series of challenges yet didn’t give up; a demonstration of the understanding of all the key concepts of #BeTheChange.

In any adversity, there’s a seed of equal or better benefits. Words of motivation inspiring videos like; “Faces of Wealth, Jack Ma Inspiration, Derek Raymond Story” was used to spice up the event – to enable youths in attendance to understand how to be the change they desire.

A game using nails was played; The nail game comprises of 24 nails that were distributed 12 each for two groups (A & B).

This was to demonstrate how certain things in life looks impossible at the start but with the right mindset and thinking comes possibility. Groups A and B presented their challenges during the course of the game which summarized, in every struggle come strength.

See below other pictures from the event;

Speaking at the event was; Dr. Pastor Paul Nzokwe, the chief operating officer/co-founder of Eagle Rock Foundation. He shared his experience on how the social environment greatly affects the youths and what the youth need to know if they must grasp success.



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Be The Change Limbe

Sinda Leo, our ambassador in Cameroon, planned and executed Be the Change Limbe by organising youths and women in the community to discuss major concerns as well as proffering solutions facing the girl child in Africa.

The event was held on 15th December 2017 and was a successful one.
Majority of the attendees where women and the key focus was on; the girl child in Africa, girls education, and how to motivate youths to be entrepreneurs in a growing and changing environment.

The event also gave attendees the opportunity to network and discuss better ways to improve Africa especially in terms of sharing information – as this is important for development.

See below some pictures from the event:

















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Webinar: Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship; A key to Africa’s total Economic Emancipation

This is a webinar that captures the essence of having the passion and the lessons required before you set off on the road to success.
The famous saying; Think Big and start small, is a bedrock every entrepreneur should focus on while dreaming of their Big Idea.

“Our society teaches us to spend a lot of time looking ‘out there’ for success, but the ability to drive yourself to your full potential starts internally with personal mastery.” – Rapelang Rabana

Africa is increasingly taking its place on the global stage as a continent of growth and opportunity. One of the critical challenges is the need to create a significant number of jobs for the continent’s booming population. Across Africa, necessity is the mother of invention and for this reason, African entrepreneurship is central to Africa’s future prosperity. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to overcome the domestic challenges that impede the efforts of an African entrepreneur.

Our host Ekow Mensah is an entrepreneurship, leadership and youth empowerment activist. With his knowledge on entrepreneurship, he explains the pertinent details that are required to become a successful entrepreneur and how to key into these benefits as an entrepreneur in Africa

More lessons await you here;





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