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Temitope Ogunsemo Built a $3m Company in Education Technology

Tope Ogunsemo is a 33-year-old Nigerian entrepreneur who founded Krystal Digital Networks – an educational technology company that develops and deploys customized and service-oriented software applications.
In today’s digital world, data is golden, and the more institutions tap into gathering and utilizing data for improvement and progress, the better for them. Anyone who attended a government-owned school in Nigeria is aware of how difficult it is to get your certificates, transcripts, or somethings as little as a signature on your document. This experience drove Temitope to proffer solutions to solve this growing problem. Ogunsemo founded the company from his personal savings in 2010 and it has since grown to one with an annual revenue of $3 million (over a billion Naira).
Tope Ogunsemo was recently asked about the vision behind Krystal Digital’s operations, and he had this to say. “The idea to establish Krystal Digital spawned from a difficult experience I had when I attempted to secure my academic transcript. It was then I saw the potential to develop a school information management system that would not only improve the storage and retrieval of academic records but would also position these schools to harness the benefits of digitization.”
The company’s first product – MySkool Portal, is a web-based application for School Information Management System designed for proper storage and documentation of school data. Today, MySkool Portal Platform has currently been adopted by more than 50 Government-owned High schools in Nigeria and has more than 65,000 active student users.
As the need to actualize the transformation desired in Nigeria’s education sector becomes inevitable, Temitope Ogunsemo has invested up to $1 million building digital IT academies across various secondary schools across Nigeria and is also working in partnership with Microsoft to teach Nigerian students Microsoft Professional Program courses.
From an estimated 42.5 million people at the time of independence in 1960, Nigeria’s population has more than quadrupled to 186,988 million people in 2016 (UN projection). The United Nations anticipates that Nigeria will become the third largest country in the world by 2050 with 399 million people.
Below is a statistic provided by UNESCO on Nigeria’s education system;

source: UNESCO

Over 40% of the Nigerian population are within school age which indicates a unique and massive business opportunity for solutions targeted at improving the quality and processes of the educational system. The educational industry in Nigeria is ripe for more initiatives similar to Krystal Digital Networks.

What are you waiting for?

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. – Harriet Tubman



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KELECHI’s inspiring tale of living above disability.

Kelechi Uhegwu is a multi-talented lady who decided to conquer her world in spite of her disability.

When Kelechi Uhegwu’s parents gave birth to her about 33 years ago, they had big dreams for their beautiful daughter. Unfortunately, those dreams were punctured at infancy, as the eldest of their three children became paralysed. The deadly polio virus ate into her system and confined her to the wheelchair and crutches. But this has not deterred her from pursuing her dreams and passion. She shares her incredible story of strength and hope.

Putting up with a disability can be really difficult to handle, even in the face of challenges, Kelechi got a degree from the University of Lagos in Nigeria and she expresses herself more through make-up craft.







Kelechi’s disability became her motivation. Instead of seeing a gloomy face, what you see is a pretty and ever-smiling face.









Kelechi once said this in a statement;
“My memories are loads but I remember writing down somewhere someone’s quote in paraphrase: ‘I am not one to boast as I am really a humble and modest person, but the name Kelechi Ruth Uhegwu would be popular and all the world would want to read about me.’ I wasn’t sure then of what I wanted exactly but I wanted people to read and hear about me and leap for joy.”

Kelechi suffered from poliomyelitis as a toddler. It was a tough journey but her determination to succeed through the different phases of life and never give up was her mantra. Looking back, Kelechi’s recollections depict a journey that was torturous and rough but she bulldozed her way through.

Somehow, you wonder how she manages to pull herself through life in spite of the odds and Kelechi’s reply was instructive: “Life itself is my greatest inspiration. Each moment I live is a great opportunity despite my health challenges. My experience generally is my own Inspiration.”

Kelechi’s advise to young people in Africa is; “I would say keep dreaming. Don’t be afraid if your dreams are so big and overwhelming, they would eventually come to pass without you realizing it, fortunately.”

Unfortunately, a lot of young people in our society today have stopped dreaming because the circumstances around them don’t seem right.

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Zillah Munene and his love for Technology

Zillah Munene, 21-year-old from Kenya is making a difference with technology.

In a bid to join other countries in developed nations using technology to make life more convenient, Zillah Munene has taken the task on himself to make a difference from Kenya. He shared his story with us and Zillah Munene is urging us not to give up on our dreams;

I began by repairing and making small stuff, like radios and phones that was back in primary school. When I went to high school, I wasn’t lucky to do physics due to lack of teachers but that didn’t stop me from what I was doing. While I was in 4m 3, I decided to start making robots after school and that’s when I made my first robot that looked like a soldier, reason being, our soldiers were being killed in Somalia and leaving their families in a lot of pain. That robot (Sam pavi) was to encourage the government on embracing technology and be making robots that would be used in wars. I was given a chance by the school to participate in science Congress despite not doing physics and I merged number 2. This made the school start participating in such events. I really got encouraged by that and decided to be making robots.

After form 4, in 2016, I never got a good grade to take me to campus since I had a D plain. I started a small business of selling cosmetics in order to finance my projects but it wasn’t doing well. I made another robot called Liza within 3 days and presented it to a talent show that was hosted in our village and thanks to God I won a trophy.

Am also making drones and CCTVs despite not having gone to any college. I usually stay at home helping my mom in farming and in afternoon, I open my mom grocery where we sell cabbages, avocados etc. In that grocery, I have set aside a place where I repair people’s phones, radios, and other Electronics in order to get capital for my projects.

I have now made another robot called zillah Max which looks like a human being. The media came, K24, Inooro TV and Citizen, that was last month and they were really amazed to hear my story and to see the things am making.

I was even give an interview to citizen TV, I have also been invited to my former primary school to encourage the students on work towards their dreams. My prayer and wish is to attend Flinders international study center in Australia and pursue a diploma of science for one year and then a bachelor’s degree in Robotics. I still believe I will get someone to sponsor me and be able to achieve my dreams. After doing a bachelor’s degree, I will start up my own company that would be dealing with robots making, coaching and employ youths with talents in tech.

Jenny Alledge once said; Technology can become the “wings” that will allow the educational world to fly farther and faster than ever before – if we will allow it.

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My Journey As An Entrepreneur In Africa II

…Previously, I went into a brief tale on my journey as an entrepreneur in Africa. In this new article, I’ll explain how I succeeded in the African business world.

I lived with my cousin while supplying the maize. I didn’t even inform my cousin that I have quit my job. I told him that am on my leave and just doing the business for the time being. He appreciated me for that. I enjoyed being in his house for three months without paying rent, and this helped me a lot. I invested heavily in maize business within three months. I was not taking even a single cent of the business.

Having saved little money in maize business, I decided to take a bank loan ($5000). This loan I decided to invest it in the hotel industry (food industry). In the first 3months of the hotel business, I was not getting anything (profit), in fact, I was funding this business using the little profit I was getting from my first business – The maize business.

I also had to pay the bank loan. But how did I manage to pay the loan if the hotel business wasn’t giving out any profit? My main aim was not to get profit but how my business could stand strong. My first business was still my support. I used the little profit from maize business to support my hotel industry and paying the loan.
It reached a point where I couldn’t pay my 3 employees at the hotel, so I went to my friend to lend me $300 just to pay my employees. I ran out of cash, for I was paying the loan… but I never quit my business. I had already decided to do this.

After 6 months, the hotel business started giving out some reasonable income. I could now pay employees, expenditure and everything and still remain with some little cash. After one year I was done with paying the loan. I didn’t default on my loan payment, though I had challenges. I took another loan ($40,000). This money I invested it in a petrol station. The hotel industry was now excellent, the maize business was still doing good. I started with a mini petrol station because the money was not enough to construct a large station. I started with one pump now I have 4 large stations and 3 mini-stations. The hotel did well and now there’re 4 hotels with accommodations.

Even though I faced challenges when I started my business, I never loosed hope. I pressed on until I got what I want in life. I can now happily pay my employees, pay my dues and buy what I want. There’s no easy path to success, you must face it off. You will be a debtor but at the end, you will be free. They asked me how I made it just at 23-year-old. “Just believe in YOU and pray to GOD always to bless you”. Invent your future by knowing your potential.

What if I didn’t quit my job? Its simple, I would still be a salary earner.

Let’s rise Africa, we have the potential to change our continent.

By: Hillary Ogolla from Kenya









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The Inspiring Kenya Doctor Maxwel Okoth

Meet Dr. Maxwel Okoth – Founder of the Ruai Family Hospital in Kenya.
This inspiring Kenyan entrepreneur is building an empire in the healthcare market.

Healthcare in Africa is one of the issues affecting African nations and Dr. Maxwel Okoth felt a deep urge to do something about this problem.

It is no longer news that Africa has 11 percent of the world’s population but bears 25 percent of the world’s disease burden. This is exactly why Africa presents a huge demand (and opportunity) for healthcare services. With poorly funded and ineffective public hospitals and a significant brain drain of African doctors to the West, it’s easy to write off the continent’s healthcare market.

Armed with the vision to make a difference in his country, a strong determination and just about US$ 3,000, Dr. Maxwel Okoth launched – Ruai Family Hospital in Kenya. He started his healthcare venture as a small outpatient center.

Today, Dr. Maxwel Okoth small healthcare venture has become a 50-bed hospital that serves the low-end of the market. Over the next 5 years, he plans to spread his concept across Kenya, and tap into the growing market for health tourism in East Africa. He is already setting up a 100-bed multi-specialty hospital which will have a cancer center, radiology center, pediatric unit, and several other specialties.

Africa is abundantly “blessed” with problems that disguise huge and remarkable business opportunities. Our rich continent will continue to reward the doers, risk-takers, and entrepreneurs who embrace opportunities where others fear problems.

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My journey as an entrepreneur in Africa

I am 23yrs old from Kenya. A young entrepreneur in Food Industry and Oil Industry and Transport industry.
Before I ventured in entrepreneurship, I was employed in one of East Africa‘s largest food chain as a storekeeper.

I used to wait till end month in order to get my salary. This was something that couldn’t even sustain in the whole month. By date 15th of every month, I already had nothing in my pocket.

Was this going to solve my problem? Was this the true dream job I wanted. Yes, I was working for the best company, but it wasn’t my best.

I thought of what to do. According to me, I was best in entrepreneurship. So I decided to quit my job. I had little savings but I had to go. After resignation, I went home to my grandparents who paid hard to take me to school. To them, my job as a storekeeper was the best. I told them that I’m on leave but the truth was, I had quit my job.

It was difficult to tell them my decision. So after taking my things home, I left home without telling them anything. I only told them I am going to see visit my cousin.
With my little savings of $1800, I decided to start selling maize. Buying in large bulk and supplying.

To be continued…

By: Hillary Ogolla from Kenya

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