Toning Your Talent is a book written by Makhotso Ketsi.

This personal development book focuses on; Practical guidelines in turning passion into fortune to overcome unemployment.

This book introduces basic guidelines for teenagers, young entrepreneurs and prospective professionals to overcome unemployment. Applying the principles in this book induces innovation and entrepreneurship mindset.

It is an easy tested tool for finding one’s purpose in life and pursuing it – it is based on true experience. A simple recipe in turning passion into a fortune that is also relevant in introducing personal and professional development.

It further specifically persuades the future generations to catch and hold on to the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship lest it dies in their hands.

According to the author – Makhotso Ketsi; “My intention with this book is to produce young pioneers and bulldozers who will take over their communities with their talent or passion while creating jobs.
Teenagers are at the stage of self-discovery and most of them are in primary and high schools with so much energy that if well directed and coached they can do wonders.”

In this book, Makhotso Ketsi also shared her own story of self-discovery – her walk with innovation and entrepreneurship in Lesotho.
Makhotso Ketsi has sought to demonstrate how important it is to take bold steps towards achieving your dream; how those small thoughts, ideas, and efforts have contributed to what is now such a beautiful story – the manufacturing and commercialization of products locally.
Makhotso Ketsi personal story also seeks to show that you don’t have to move mountains to bring about change. No matter how small your idea, or how crazy your thought might seem, pursue it.

Makhotso Ketsi also added; “You should, therefore, start preparing your mindset so that when the relay baton (lesokoana) lands in your hands, you will be ready to take over and not let the motive die in your hands.”

All young people in the world must get this clear: without being innovative and entrepreneurial, the law of natural selection will overpower you and unemployment will be inevitable.
The only way to escape this is by starting to tone your talent now and cultivate the right mindset.

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