In the book, ‘Motivation Manifesto’, Brendon Burchard lists 9 declarations we can make use of in reclaiming our personal power.

The book centers on how we can have personal freedom so that our lives can be motivated and meaningful as well as free from fear and oppression.

There are three attributes of the human nature discussed in the book. These attributes include: personal freedom, fear and motivation. The author encourages us to break free from the chains of fear and oppression as this is the only way we can enjoy genuineness and joy. Freedom will also help us live a free life such that we can pursue all our dreams and live the life we have always dreamed of.

Freedom can be achieved by knowing and practicing the 9 declarations of power namely:

1) We Shall Meet Life with Full Presence and Power

To experience the kind of life that we desire, we need to focus fully on the present. This means that we have to let go of the past, forget about the future and focus more on reality. To do this, we would need to be aware and conscious of ourselves, be proactive in shaping our lives, protect our mind from unwanted information, work hard to achieve our dreams, become interested in caring for those around us as well as leading and uniting everyone around us.

2) We Shall Reclaim Our Agenda

This declaration encourages us to face our agenda and goals squarely. We are encouraged to overcome all forms of distractions and rather seek clarity, direction, and progress in everything we do. One way to do this is by writing down our goals-what we truly want from our lives. Once we write them down, we are to pursue our goals with real force, will and consistency. We should not give into the expectations of others around us. We should focus on what we want and work hard at achieving it.

3) We Shall Defeat Our Demons

Our greatest enemy lives within us. We can describe this enemy as a demon with three terrible heads namely: doubt, delay and division. We can deal with this demon by avoiding negative words and languages, taking action instead of delaying and loving others rather than having a negative perception of them.

4) We Shall Advance with Abandon

In the fight for our dreams, we will come across struggles and progress. Irrespective of what we are faced with, we should do our best to fight for our dreams every time. We do not need any one’s permission to do this. There is in fact never a perfect time. The right time is now.

5) We Shall Practice Joy and Gratitude

To truly master our lives, we need to be joyous and grateful in the face of hardship, pain and injustice. This will require us to be happy doing small things and always be expectant of good things. We need to make this our daily habit. We can do this by always asking ourselves, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how much joy and gratitude am I bringing to this moment?”

6) We Shall Not Break Integrity

Integrity is key in our journey to success. According to Brendon Burchard, there are six practices of integrity which we should all endeavor to follow. They include:

  • Think before we act;
  • Never commit to anything we lack passion in;
  • Keep our word;
  • Always treat others with respect;
  • Tell the truth; and
  • Always favour action.

7) We Shall Amplify Love

The book, ‘Motivation Manifesto’ encourages us to give and live in love. Living in love has a way of producing positive energy in us. Love is however not just an intention but rather action.

8) We Shall Inspire Greatness

We can only achieve greatness in life if we choose to live above the standards the world has set for us. There are 9 virtues of greatness namely:


  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Intelligence
  • Excellence
  • Courage
  • Respect for others
  • Vigilance
  • Service
  • Unity

9) We shall Slow Time

We need to take on practices that help us get more involved with the moment rather than not being aware of what is happening in our environment. To ensure that we slow time, we need to take deep and long breaths as well as ensure that our five senses absorb the moment fully and are in tune with our immediate environment.