Zillah Munene, 21-year-old from Kenya is making a difference with technology.

In a bid to join other countries in developed nations using technology to make life more convenient, Zillah Munene has taken the task on himself to make a difference from Kenya. He shared his story with us and Zillah Munene is urging us not to give up on our dreams;

I began by repairing and making small stuff, like radios and phones that was back in primary school. When I went to high school, I wasn’t lucky to do physics due to lack of teachers but that didn’t stop me from what I was doing. While I was in 4m 3, I decided to start making robots after school and that’s when I made my first robot that looked like a soldier, reason being, our soldiers were being killed in Somalia and leaving their families in a lot of pain. That robot (Sam pavi) was to encourage the government on embracing technology and be making robots that would be used in wars. I was given a chance by the school to participate in science Congress despite not doing physics and I merged number 2. This made the school start participating in such events. I really got encouraged by that and decided to be making robots.

After form 4, in 2016, I never got a good grade to take me to campus since I had a D plain. I started a small business of selling cosmetics in order to finance my projects but it wasn’t doing well. I made another robot called Liza within 3 days and presented it to a talent show that was hosted in our village and thanks to God I won a trophy.

Am also making drones and CCTVs despite not having gone to any college. I usually stay at home helping my mom in farming and in afternoon, I open my mom grocery where we sell cabbages, avocados etc. In that grocery, I have set aside a place where I repair people’s phones, radios, and other Electronics in order to get capital for my projects.

I have now made another robot called zillah Max which looks like a human being. The media came, K24, Inooro TV and Citizen, that was last month and they were really amazed to hear my story and to see the things am making.

I was even give an interview to citizen TV, I have also been invited to my former primary school to encourage the students on work towards their dreams. My prayer and wish is to attend Flinders international study center in Australia and pursue a diploma of science for one year and then a bachelor’s degree in Robotics. I still believe I will get someone to sponsor me and be able to achieve my dreams. After doing a bachelor’s degree, I will start up my own company that would be dealing with robots making, coaching and employ youths with talents in tech.

Jenny Alledge once said; Technology can become the “wings” that will allow the educational world to fly farther and faster than ever before – if we will allow it.