I am 23yrs old from Kenya. A young entrepreneur in Food Industry and Oil Industry and Transport industry.
Before I ventured in entrepreneurship, I was employed in one of East Africa‘s largest food chain as a storekeeper.

I used to wait till end month in order to get my salary. This was something that couldn’t even sustain in the whole month. By date 15th of every month, I already had nothing in my pocket.

Was this going to solve my problem? Was this the true dream job I wanted. Yes, I was working for the best company, but it wasn’t my best.

I thought of what to do. According to me, I was best in entrepreneurship. So I decided to quit my job. I had little savings but I had to go. After resignation, I went home to my grandparents who paid hard to take me to school. To them, my job as a storekeeper was the best. I told them that I’m on leave but the truth was, I had quit my job.

It was difficult to tell them my decision. So after taking my things home, I left home without telling them anything. I only told them I am going to see visit my cousin.
With my little savings of $1800, I decided to start selling maize. Buying in large bulk and supplying.

To be continued…

By: Hillary Ogolla from Kenya

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Onyei Charles is a graduate of the University of Ilorin, Kwara State Nigeria where he obtained his first degree in Geography and Environmental Management, he is an affiliate member of the Chattered Institute of Marketing UK and a Digital Media Specialist.


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