I am 23yrs old from Kenya. A young entrepreneur in Food Industry and Oil Industry and Transport industry.
Before I ventured in entrepreneurship, I was employed in one of East Africa‘s largest food chain as a storekeeper.

I used to wait till end month in order to get my salary. This was something that couldn’t even sustain in the whole month. By date 15th of every month, I already had nothing in my pocket.

Was this going to solve my problem? Was this the true dream job I wanted. Yes, I was working for the best company, but it wasn’t my best.

I thought of what to do. According to me, I was best in entrepreneurship. So I decided to quit my job. I had little savings but I had to go. After resignation, I went home to my grandparents who paid hard to take me to school. To them, my job as a storekeeper was the best. I told them that I’m on leave but the truth was, I had quit my job.

It was difficult to tell them my decision. So after taking my things home, I left home without telling them anything. I only told them I am going to see visit my cousin.
With my little savings of $1800, I decided to start selling maize. Buying in large bulk and supplying.

To be continued…

By: Hillary Ogolla from Kenya