Samuel Elba who lives in the capital of Sierra Leone is a change agent in his community and a solution provider.

At age 18, he is already making a difference in his community by providing an alternative means of electricity called – Free Energy Generator.

Samuel lives at New England Ville, a stone-throw from Dwazark. At his age, he already has prototypes of three key inventions – a generator, an air conditioner, and a radio transmitter.

Samuel began fixing parts together in 2009; he was 9 years old. Back then he created a generator that used water as fuel. He has since made another generator which he calls the ‘Free Energy Generator, which uses no fuel. All you need to do is turn a lever fitted to one side of the machine for few seconds and it produces electricity.

Here is his story he shared with us.

“I live in the capital of Sierra Leone, prior to that I live with my mother and two elderly siblings. As a single parent, surviving for my mother was kind of difficult, she only depends on her business to get income so that she could support us financially through our education.

As a twenty-first century innovator who is ready to learn and explore when given the opportunity. In my environment, I make use of my resources which are; dustbins, scrap metal and other.
In my area, there is not much electricity supply. People buy generators and I don’t have that kind of money to buy a generator and I thought if I build a generator I can comfortably live my life.

During the period of inadequate electricity supply in my community, I built for myself a green power source of electricity which can be used without fuel.
This innovation transformed my life and that of others living in my community. Becuase of my passion for technology, I called this – The Free Energy Generator.
In 2016, I was a finalist at the Innovate Salone Ar dae mek am innovation competition – which I demo my Free Energy Generator project. I also won the best and youngest innovator at the UNDP Social Good Summit innovation competition. In 2017 I participated in the First Global Robotic Competition hosted in America Washington DC.”

Watch this inspiring video of young Samuel Elba’s innovation.

Most African youths are endowed with such talents. How can we give them the opportunity to nurture them?