Kelechi Uhegwu is a multi-talented lady who decided to conquer her world in spite of her disability.

When Kelechi Uhegwu’s parents gave birth to her about 33 years ago, they had big dreams for their beautiful daughter. Unfortunately, those dreams were punctured at infancy, as the eldest of their three children became paralysed. The deadly polio virus ate into her system and confined her to the wheelchair and crutches. But this has not deterred her from pursuing her dreams and passion. She shares her incredible story of strength and hope.

Putting up with a disability can be really difficult to handle, even in the face of challenges, Kelechi got a degree from the University of Lagos in Nigeria and she expresses herself more through make-up craft.







Kelechi’s disability became her motivation. Instead of seeing a gloomy face, what you see is a pretty and ever-smiling face.









Kelechi once said this in a statement;
“My memories are loads but I remember writing down somewhere someone’s quote in paraphrase: ‘I am not one to boast as I am really a humble and modest person, but the name Kelechi Ruth Uhegwu would be popular and all the world would want to read about me.’ I wasn’t sure then of what I wanted exactly but I wanted people to read and hear about me and leap for joy.”

Kelechi suffered from poliomyelitis as a toddler. It was a tough journey but her determination to succeed through the different phases of life and never give up was her mantra. Looking back, Kelechi’s recollections depict a journey that was torturous and rough but she bulldozed her way through.

Somehow, you wonder how she manages to pull herself through life in spite of the odds and Kelechi’s reply was instructive: “Life itself is my greatest inspiration. Each moment I live is a great opportunity despite my health challenges. My experience generally is my own Inspiration.”

Kelechi’s advise to young people in Africa is; “I would say keep dreaming. Don’t be afraid if your dreams are so big and overwhelming, they would eventually come to pass without you realizing it, fortunately.”

Unfortunately, a lot of young people in our society today have stopped dreaming because the circumstances around them don’t seem right.