Meet Nifemi Oyetayo – CEO of Lovely Beauties, an eight-year-old girl who has gained international recognition via her craft in fashion accessories.

At first, her business started as a hobby, then her love for art, craft, and fashion – helped built her creativity.
Nifemi realized she loves wearing fashion accessories when she was about 5-year-old, this gave birth to her dream and she decided to make hers.
Her mother supported her dream by getting the materials needed and that was how LOVELY BEAUTIES by Niffy was birthed.

Ever since Nifemi started her business, she has sold several pieces to customers’ home and abroad. Her Instagram page gained traction after she showcased her products at the first KENT fair where she made close to N40,000.00 (Forty thousand naira) in sales. This outcome encouraged Nifemi and spurred her to add more lines to her growing business and discover more innovative ways to make her accessories.

Lovely Beauties by Niffy is a young, vibrant, growing business targeted at lovers of beauty and fashion accessories. She currently has an everyday wear fashion jewelry and hair accessories which is infused with Nigerian traditional fabric- Ankara, to help promote Africa’s cultural heritage.

She has been honored with an Award by Amazing Amazon Initiative. The award which was for an Amazing Kid entrepreneur was given on 2017 edition of Children’s Day.

The issue of catching them young is very key in every facet of life endeavor; be it physical, social, and in business. Imagine where young Nifemi would be in the next 5, 10, 15, years.

We are urging all parent/guardian, much as you have the opportunity, try to encourage your children/wards to take up careers in entrepreneurship and other areas that you discover they have skills and passion.
In that way, our world and Africa will be a better place.