Africans are making a huge difference. Today we celebrate Joseph Jawah Kebbie from Sierra Leone.

He built a new mobile app that is making headlines, his app is created to help the education system in West Africa. Joseph is among Africans making positive impact in his community.

Joseph Kebbie innovative app, is created to help improve the education of students in West Africa study for a pre-university exam called the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

‘Last year when I returned home from my exchange year in the U.S., I had a few conversations with my friends. I shared stories with them about my experiences in the U.S. and the things I missed while I was away. Some of my friends, who I knew had the potential to go to college, did not have any plans to pursue higher education. Why? Because they couldn’t pass the regional pre-university exam, called the WASSCE. This is an exam taken by students in Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, and Liberia before entering college or a university in any of these countries. Through research, I discovered that the high rate of WASSCE failures could be attributed to students’ inability to finish the syllabus before the allotted time,’ Joseph said.

 With this new development, students in West Africa can have access to this new app via this link below: