Contrary to the stiff opposition to his ideas and autocratic ways of ruling, Robert Mugabe is a true example of leaders we need in Africa. Born on the 21st February 1924, Robert Gabriel Mugabe is a Zimbabwean revolutionary and politician. He was the leader of Zimbabwe from 1980 to 2017. 

Amidst various international sanction, Robert Mugabe has proven that beyond all reasonable doubt the Blackman as said by Dr.  Kwame Nkrumah is capable of managing his own affairs.
As radical as this may sound; the average African has proven that the only way to move our continent forward is through autocratic rule and dictatorship. If not, why do people still today chastise Nkrumah for having rushed our “Independence”.

So the question is, what do Africans want?
Democracy for corruption? Or Autocracy sanity and equity in governance?
It is sad to see African leaders having misconstrued democracy for corruption and autocracy for oppression.

I know only few will side with me on my disposition yet as bitter as it may sound it the panacea for our Africa today which has been infiltrated by imperialism leaving the average African government a puppet from the west.

For how long are we going to depend on the west? For how long will we continue to lick our wounds of poverty, disease, civil war? Perhaps, the Blackman has short-term memory.

The remnants of Libya is evident of Western infiltration and it’s advert effects. Libya has never been the same. Who said the white man is a god to the black?

It is high time we took the blindfold off and see what imperialism is doing to our continent.

(By Awedogba David from Ghana.)