According to Daily News, a male high school student from Tanzania known as Gracious Ephraim, has invented a solar energy powered human robot that walks, turns its head and performs a couple of tasks.

His name is Gracious Ephraim. He attends Iboru High School in Arusha. His teachers have stated that his invention is the first robot to actually work and move around.

In Ephraim’s words,

“I am trying to innovate things that can solve problems because, for many years, science students in the country did not want to invent, they were all focusing on getting employed but being a scientist is all about devising and making new things,” says Ephraim.

The young Tanzanian used his pocket money to buy materials worth about 90USD locally. The materials used include wires, metals etc. He got his inspiration from movies like Robocop and Transformers. The robot took him about 12 months to invent. Ephraim’s human robot can actually bend, pick up things and effectively carry loads. A memory called with recorded voice notes has also been installed in the robot such that it can respond when asked certain questions or sing some songs.

Ephraim further adds:

 “Tanzania aims at industrialisation meaning that factories and other production lines must work 24 hours, but humans cannot work around the clock, so I envisage to have robots working at night and people during the day, this will also reduce the costs of paying workers overtime,” said the student.

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